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Testnet Contest (Finished)

Connecting MetaMask to Bsc TestNet, Play-To-Earn on VerseWar Testnet

📝 TestNet Registration

Register to participate in our Testnet and earn valuable airdrop!
VerseWar Beta Tester Campaign
📝 Registration Form:
📝 Contribution Form:
After filling out the registration form, you'll receive $VERSE token on Testnet to experience the game


  • 90 whitelisted spots: Top wallets with the highest quantity of VERSE in wallet will be whitelisted to participate in Presale. The more number of VERSE, the higher chance to win Whitelist Spot!
  • ️10 whitelisted spots: For people with good suggestions, idea contribution, bugs finding,..


  1. 1.
    You HAVE TO use $VERSE to buy eggs and experience the game otherwise your wallet will NOT BE COUNTED
  2. 2.
    $VERSE gathered from other testnet registered wallets will be ELIMINATED from the competition

🔗 Connecting MetaMask to BSC Testnet

Selecting "Custom RPC"
Fill in the blanks with the details below then click "Save"
  • Network Name: Smart Chain - Testnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 97
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

💰 Get free BNB on Testnet

Input your BSC address and click "Give me BNB"

🎮 Play & Earn VerseWar on Testnet

VerseWar Testnet:
Play and Earn? Let's move on to the tutorial 👉