Marketplace allows people to buy or sell monsters
The currency used in marketplace is $VERSE
Monsters for sale must be full-energy ones (12 energy)

🔎 Monster Filter

Find Dodo on sale on the market
This feature allows you to filter the monsters on sale from other sellers by: name, class, rarity, level,..

🛒 Buy & Sell

🟢 Buy A Monster

Go to Marketplace, find the monster you desire and click "Buy"
Marketplace with filters
After purchasing a monster, you'll see it in your inventory
Your Inventory got new Morellatops

🔴 Sell A Monster

Go to your inventory and set a price for a monster you'd like to sell then click "Sell"
Your Inventory
Order Placed
Marketplace with your Anglerfish on sale and monsters of other sellers
If you no longer want to sell your monster, you may "Cancel order" and the monster will return to your Inventory
Cancel Time after Order Placed: 30 seconds
Order Cancelled
If your monster is successfully sold, VERSE from the buyer will be transferred to you